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Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Raipur

Lalmati Hospital is one of the best institutions for the treatment of Physiotherapy in Raipur.

The Physiotherapy Department aims at delivering highly specialised services and physical rehabilitation programs for patients of all age groups and with any ailment or disability arising due to various reasons. The physiotherapy treatment has an application in all the disciplines of modern medicine such as Orthopaedics, Cardio thoracic, Neurology, Gerontology, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery, Rheumatology, General Surgery, Diabetology, Sports Medicine, etc. The team is responsible for rendering superior quality pre-operative and post-operative physiotherapeutic interventions to the out-patients and in-patients.

Treatment Approaches in Lalmati Hospital

At Lalmati Hospital, we provide the state-of-the-art treatment for physiotherapy.

Dealing with Backache

Joint Pain

Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

C.P. and M.R.

Uterine Prolapse

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Some Essential Treatment

  • Manual Therapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Dry Needling
  • Cupping

Opening Hours

  • Monday: 24 X 7
  • Tuesday: 24 X 7
  • Wednesday: 24 X 7
  • Thursday: 24 X 7
  • Friday: 24 X 7
  • Saturday: 24 X 7
  • Sunday: 24 X 7

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